Zoning research documents

This page contains a variety of documents, some of them difficult to find, that may be useful in researching zoning law. (This is just a beginning; more documents will be added.)

Former Zoning Enabling Act (1956)

Original Zoning Enabling Act (1921)

Historical Area Zoning Enabling Act (R.I.G.L. 45-24.1-1 et seq.) (current, hyperlinked)

Legislative history: Public Laws amending R.I.G.L. 45-24 (zoning ordinances) and 45-24.1 (historic area zoning) from 1956-1994 and from 1995-2007.

Miscellaneous zoning documents

Recusal form  (must be filed by zoning board members facing a conflict of interest)

Clark v. International Horizons, Inc.  (Georgia Supreme Ct. caseholding that use established by right does not become nonconforming use when ordinance is amended to require special-use permit for that use)